What is the Best Ukulele for Starter

What you will first realize when you see the ukulele for the first time is that it looks like a miniature version of a guitar, it also has only 4 strings instead of guitar. So it is a cross between bass player and guitar. The ukulele is a very user friendly musical instruments cause it is easy to use.

This unique instrument is known for its great rhythm and tone that is distinct music in Hawaii.

It is one of the fastest, most sought musical instrument worldwide because of its presence in the world music stage .

Best Ukulele for Starter

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4 Common Types of Ukuleles

Although all ukuleles are easy to learn and can be used easily by beginners, but you need to know the basics before purchasing one. So,I have listed here below the 4 basic types of ukuleles.

  1. Soprano Ukulele
    1. Smallest type of ukulele
    2. Has a classic ukulele high pitch sound you expect when buying a ukulele
    3. Compact size for portability and ease in travel
    4. A little difficult to use for beginners because of its small size and smaller fret especially if you haven’t practiced with any ukulele or guitar before
    5. I would not recommend this personally for people who are looking for the best ukulele for beginners to be given to small kids .
  1. Concert Ukulele
    1. Most popular kind of ukulele for beginners
    2. Its size makes it easy for beginners to use.
    3. The ukulele’s fretboard is longer than soprano
    4. Because of the length of the fretboard makes it easier to make chords.
    5. It has the unique ukulele sound but deeper and louder mid range tone
    6. Great for playing rock or pop songs.
  1. Tenor Ukuleles
    1. When trying to learn how to play the ukelele, this type of uke is another great choice or one of the most recommended type for beginners.
    2. The size is bigger than the Soprano and still bigger than Concert ukulele
    3. It has a deeper, richer tone and it is louder than usual ukulele sound that may not be the sound you are looking for
  2. Baritone ukulele
    1. If you are still a beginner this is not the uke that I will personally recommend.
    2. This uke is the biggest in size as well as the heaviest.
    3. Because of the bigger size, the sound , tone and volume is too deep
    4. This is also the rarest type of ukulele
    5. Not much information is available and not much reviews are available online

Now that I have listed the 4 major types of Ukulele, let me clarify some terms before I go on. What do I mean by being a beginner? Beginner means you have not tried or experience in some string instruments like mandolin, banjo, bass player and guitar (acoustic or electric). Intermediate players simply mean that you have slight experience in these instruments and you are just transitioning to ukulele review.

Best Ukulele for Starter

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Other informations

When you are searching for a bundle, you might want to check the Kala MK-C kit. It includes an instructional DVD, an electronic tuner a must-have and for convenience of travel they include a travel bag which will also protect it from scratches.

One of the most popular ukulele is the Luna Mahogany Concert Series Tattoo ukulele. This is a very beautiful uke made of solid mahogany wood that gives the its district uke sound that is pleasing to the ears.

About the Author

My name is Mico, from Chicago. I own a small music store that sells various musical instruments ranging from percussion to strings. I have been playing the ukulele for 15 years and I can confidently say that this is one of my favorite musical instrument especially when I am travelling. This is the perfect companion when you want to relax and hit the beach or just simply go to places because of its compact design.

I first came to love the ukulele when I was 20 years old when I went with my parents in Hawaii during one of our family vacation. Along the beach there are lots of players of ukulele just chilling and most restaurants there have ukulele players. Since then I have played one til now and I am still loving it.

About the Author

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