What can you do in Europe with just two weeks?

Europe is said to be the most popular tourist destination in the whole world. This country has beautiful places which make it attractive. A lot of people wished to visit Europe just once. Europe has the best spots such as the Mediterranean Sea, which attracts the beach lovers, the historical Rome that contains thousands of histories, the fantastic Barcelona, which provides plenty of excellent restaurants that serves delightful dishes and the relatively less-trodden countries located in the Eastern section of Europe. These places are some of the main reasons why other people pays a visit in Europe. Europe always gives you excitement, beautiful and excellent experience. Two weeks’ vacation might be enough to enjoy the greatness of Europe. If you only got two weeks of holiday and you want to enjoy it with Europe, then this article is worth reading. I wrote down the most popular countries in Europe that you should pay a visit so that you can make a planner quickly.

The Paris, France which is known as the name in “City of Love” is the perfect to be your first stop. If you are travelling with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then don’t hesitate to visit this city. But even though you’re travelling alone, you won’t be disappointed because the greatness of the city will entertain you. If you’re worried where to spend the night in Paris, we highly recommend you to spend your night at Hotel Relais Christine as they are known that they have a luxurious service. When you’re already in Paris, don’t forget to visit Sacre Couer during dawn so you can witness the hazy morning views beyond the city.

As I’ve said, the Barcelona, Spain is a favorite city of tourists because of the restaurants built inside the city. Most restaurants serve delicious sea foods, so it is perfect for people that love seafood so much. Visitors from other countries like to visit Barcelona. Even though something is strange due to its buildings, this place gives you relax and comfort which you makes hard to proceed to your next stop. In spending your night, we highly recommend staying in a hotel that costs 2000 pension located in the center of the city. This hotel is perfect without breaking the bank, and since it is located in the heart of the city, you can wander around anytime you want. Another thing that makes Barcelona attractive, it has excellent beaches which impress beach lovers.

Before reaching Italy, France and Spain is ahead of your destination. There are a lot of tourist attractions and tourist spots than the tourist can lie over. One of the famous place in France that all people know is the Eiffel Tower; this tower is a sign of good technical and architectural structure during those times, and it represent the “Magic of Light”. Spain is a beautiful and diverse country, Millions of tourist decided to travel Spain for its finest destinations. Most people visit Barcelona because of the cosmopolitan atmosphere in streets and this city offer also the possibility of enjoying its beach resorts and water sports.

The UNESCO World Heritage site is located Porto, Portugal, which is the largest town in Europe next to Lisbon City. The beautiful colorful houses that are littering sweeping hillside and towering churches can be found in this city making it as the best introduction in Portugal. In spending your night, we highly recommend you to choose Hospedaria Boavista or the ‘Grandma’s House’ because the place is immaculate and the owners are very friendly making you feel at home. Aside from that, these places are cheaper compared to other hotels found in the City. Another thing that makes the Portugal accessible, people living in this place make the best quality of wine. Your visit to Portugal will not be perfect if you don’t try the wine tasting. If you are interested, try the Douro Valley to take a daytime tour around the city and a small cruise down the river. These places are perfect for taking endless glasses of wine.

Venice is well known as “The Floating City” because of its beautiful lagoon all over the place and a trip to Venice and failing to ride in a “Gondola” is like going to France without seeing the most popular tower in the entire world, the Eiffel Tower. These traditional and symbolic boats have been used as transport in the narrow Venetian waterways. Another attraction in Venice is the “Rialto Market” It’s a place you want to see for the local lifestyle or buy different kinds of food and other selections. Hotels in Venice are way expensive for travelers, a most suggestion of other travelers is to use a guide book that includes the list of the beautiful apartment that is located in the heart of the city and half of the price of the hotel. It can save you a lot of money because most of the times you will not be in the room, so why availing a good and luxurious hotel. If you’re into Island Hopping, Venice has everything. Jump on a ferry and start heading out to Burano Island where you can enjoy the sun and good seafood lunch. But there is still another option if you want it to land, there is a train that can take you to Verona, Verona is a small place but a perfectly formed city that can be an attraction to, Juliet Balcony is in the city too.

You can visit all these cities in just two weeks. If you worry how to do the transportation easily, don’t be because Europe has an extensive railway network which called interrailing which is specially made for travellers from one country to another. If you are planning to stay in Europe more than two weeks, I suggest you to visit Greek Island and I can guarantee to you you’ll get the best vacation experience ever!

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