What and where to do in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

They said that the soul of a nation lies within its cities; people think of New York City when they hear of the United States of America and likewise the name of Paris, the City of Lights, appears instantly whenever the word “France” is uttered. Ho Chi Minh City is such renowned and synonymous to the history and existence of Vietnam and Her people. That’s why Viet Fun Travel’s going to guide visitors for a hell of a journey exploring and experiencing different things about the 3 main aspects of Ho Chi Minh City: history, culture and cuisine. View detail post top 12 things to do in Ho Chi Minh here.

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Rich history

Learn more about the history of the young city, from its discovery and foundation during the Southern Territorial Conquest by the Nguyen Dynasty, to its colonization by the French and its occupation by the Amerians. Tourists can visit the Independence Palace – the “White House” of the former Republic of Vietnam, to get an insight view into the life and work of the past presidents. Or the Museum of War Remnants if visitors want to learn more about the Vietnam War as it’s displayed vividly via pictures, documents, war vehicles and many more exhibits. Ben Nha Rong Harbor is also a very good place for touring since it’s the location where Ho Chi Minh embarked on his quest of liberation for Vietnam and Her people.

With multiple historical monuments, museums, and relics scattered throughout the city, travelers and visitors can expected to be fully satisfied with their curiosity.

Western, and colorful culture

Despite one of the greatest cities in Vietnam itself, many cultural aspects of Ho Chi Minh City are dominated and heavily influenced by Western culture, specifically French and American. The Notre Damme Cathedral is a prime example of French masterful architecture and religious establishment in the city. The Ho Chi Minh Post Office, located nearby, is also a great destination for tourists.

Ho Chi Minh City also has pedestrian exclusive streets for special holidays. If you’re coming to Vietnam during Lunar Festival or Tet, you can expect the overwhelming hospitality of Saigonese and comtemplate beautiful fireworks on the night sky.

Exquisite cuisine

Banh Mi has been listed as one of the most tasty street foods in the world and it’s not a coincidence that Ho Chi Minh City is considered a food center by many people, both domestic and foreign. Saigonese most popular food includes broken rice, banh xeo, banh cuon, banh mi, pho, hu tiu, bun bo and many more. Saigonese not only create and perfect their signature dishes but also, with a dash of creativity, they add modification and refinement to the local recipes from Northern and Central Vietnam, making them their own specialities.

Some of the best places visitors and tourists can experience Vietnamese food are small food counters around Ben Thanh or Cho Lon Market and China Towns. Coffee and fruit smoothies, in addition, can be found relatively easy in drink shops and are definitely great alternatives if you want to try out something else.


Come to Ho Chi Minh City and you will never run out of interesting stuff to do and new things to learn and discover, a journey of a lifetime.

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