Top best attractions in Northern Vietnam

The northern region of Vietnam is home to the country’s capital city and is also among the best places to enjoy the beautiful views of the country as well as get to know the hill tribes. Northern Vietnam has four distinct seasons including a chilly winter and a hot, wet summer.



The country’s capital offers quite a lot of modern amenities for travelers. Those who want to explore the history and culture of Vietnam may do so by checking out the various museums, temples, parks and wartime sites in the city. Travelers love exploring the tastes that Vietnamese cuisine has to offer and would sometimes sign up for cooking classes.

Ha Long Bay

The archipelago in Ha Long Bay is made up of a mixture of 1,969 habited and uninhabited islands. To get here, one may arrive by car, motorbike or bus from Haiphong or by bus or boat from Hanoi. Ha Long Bay is often listed as among the top natural wonders of the world and has also been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


nhung-khach-san-sapa-view-dep-thich-hop-de-ban-di-tron-dip-29-ivivu-1-370x215Sapa is a beautiful mountainous town that can be found along the China border. This charming town is the best place to enjoy a picturesque view of the mountains as well as the rice terraces in the north region of Vietnam. It is one of the best places you can do some trekking trips which will also allow you to try out a homestay experience with the locals. Most villages would offer homestay along with serving homecooked meals and lots of rice wine.


Bac Ha

Bac Ha is another small town located near Vietnam’s border with China. To get here, one can simply take a bus or a motorbike from Lao Cai or Sapa. The main reason why people would love to visit Bac Ha are their weekly markets that take place on Saturdays, Sundays or Tuesdays. The Sunday Market is particularly popular since about 10 of the local hill tribes flock together to offer local produce and gifts for tourists.

Co To Island

Co To is among the many islands that could be found in the Quang Ninh province of Vietnam. Swimming is one of the main activities you can do in the area but tourists also love visiting the island to enjoy forests, parks, lighthouses, bays and many more. Several memorial statues of Ho Chi Minh also dot the island.

Cuc Phuong National Park

0057nbc-cuc-phuong-national-park-rung-quoc-gia-cuc-phuon-5103757c8524dThis national park is considered to be the largest national parks in Vietnam and also one a very important site for biodiversity. It is possible to enjoy the flora and fauna in the area through a day trip but the place also accommodates visitors via lodgings for those wanting to extend their stay. A lot of visitors love to go on both day and night hikes along the trails that wind across the park and is the best way to enjoy the many sights it has to offer. The park headquarters can also arrange river rafting trips for those who are interested.

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