Top 3 Youth Compound Bow Reviews

Essential Points to Take Note Before Buying a Compound Bow for Youths

It is such a great news that you have kids who are very much interested in learning archery. Who knows, this will not only be a recreational outdoor activity that they will be fond of. Maybe someday, they will excel in the field of archery as a sport. Then that will be something to be proud of. So, when your kids tell you that they would like to learn archery, do not disappoint them. Their interest as a child is very important in their growth and development as young enthusiasts.

Youth beginner compound bow


Now, before buying a bow for your child to use, you have some points to take note. There are a few essential points that you must know. First, you have to consider the age and the size of your kid. Make sure that you are not going to get them a compound bow that is just right for their size. Make sure that they can make a shot and they will be comfortable with the bow. If their age is too young, just get them a lighter bow. The performance of the child when shooting will be affected if they are not using the most comfortable bow. Next, the draw weight also matters a lot because it is best for your kid to start with a 10-15 pound range. It will give the child a smooth draw. Lastly, consider the total weight of the bow. For kids whose age is 5 and below, it is best to get them a bow that that is weighing less than 3lbs.

Youth Compound Bow Reviews to Consider

For you to have an idea on which compound bow to choose, take down notes about the youth compound bow reviews provided. These are the three most chosen compound bows for youths. They will surely enjoy using these bow and will surely boost up their interest in archery.

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The Diamond Atomic Youth Compound Bow is considered as the best option for youths who are just starting to learn archery. It is also great to have this kind of bow where you can easily make adjustments as your child grows with it. This bow has a 6- pound draw weight, which is greatly customizable. To reach the desired length, you can do that easily by rotating the limb module. This bow has a riser that also looks the same with the adult bows. It has a port that you can use when you would like to mount a stabilizer. It has secured limb bolts, so do not worry about back outs when adjusting the draw length. This youth compound bow weighs 1.9 pounds with a pink and blue graphite scheme.

The Bear Archery Apprentice 3 is another great bow for beginners and for youths. This modern bow was designed basing from the Bear Archery Apprentice 2 with an improved grip, string suspension system and adjustable draw length. It has a compact size and a light weight so your child can easily adjust with the bow as he grows a bit older with it and he will feel comfortable making a shot.

Gemini bow


Another good bow is the Mathews Mini Genesis Compound Bow that is really an ideal bow for youths. It is used for the National Archery In Schools Program. It has a lighter draw weight, so it is really a good choice for very young kids. It was built with an aluminum riser that gives it a high quality, lightweight and durability. It has limbs which you can adjust up to 12lbs. It has a well molded and comfortable grip. The cam system gives a flexible with an easy draw and release.

Those are top most chosen youth compound bow reviews. This will surely give you an idea on what compound bow you will buy for your young kids. Do not be worried too much about how much you will spend for the youth compound bow because money is not really a matter here. What is more important is for you to get the best youth compound bow that your child can use. Keep in mind that this bow is not just for a one-time use because as your child grows and continues to use this bow, you will just need some adjustments to make.

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