The Best running shoes for wide feet Review

Finding the best running shoes for wide feet

When running is your field of interest, you will not care about how your feet look like or how it measures. What matters is for you to run and enjoy the experience that you gain from running. There are runners who have wide feet. Are they suitable to run? Why not? Even a person with a wide feet can run as long as he can get the right running shoes of his size and of course, that will fit on his wide feet.

running shoes for wide feet Review


It might take some time and patience to find the right running shoes for your wide feet, but you have to learn to be patient. It is not that easy to find your size if you are just going to any shop on the market. So, you have to make sure that you are tracking the right shoe shop for your wide feet.

With the running shoes available for your wide feet, you will surely feel comfortable with it, you will experience stability and you can also perform with a better running power. It is not that easy to have a wide foot because you may experience some pains because your shoes doesn’t fit well. You may feel discomfort with that and it will affect your running. With the right kind of running shoes, having a wide toe box, then running is not a problem.

The Best running shoes for wide feet guide

We have here the best running shoes for wide feet to guide you in your selection before buying one for your running. Check out the brief reviews and list them down for a better comparison.

The Gel Kayano 22 from the Asics will give you a perfect comfortand an excellent performance. This running shoe is also best for runners with an over pronator. It weighs 8.9 oz. for women and 10.9 oz. for men. It has a midsole drop of 12 mm.

Next is the Addiction 12 from the Brooks that has a smooth transition from your heel to the toe. It is made up of an eco-friendly material for a high performance. It comes with various sizes from Normal size to an extra wide size. It also built with a shock absorber at the bottom for better running comfort. It weighs 11.8 oz. for women and 13.5 oz. for men. It has a midsole drop of 12 mm.

running shoes for wide feet Review


Next option is the Fresh Foam 1080 from the New Balance that provides an extreme comfort for runners with a wide foot. It is built with stability to support the knees towards the hips. It makes use of Ortholite® foam for comfort, for breathability and to fight foot odor. It weighs 8.7 oz. for women and 10.4 oz. for men. It has a midsole drop of 18mm.

We also have Ghost 8 from the Brooks that has an adoptive cushioning. For flexibility and comfort, it comes with an Omega Flex grooves. It has an upper mesh for breathability of the foot. It weighs 8.8 oz. for women and 10.3 oz. for men. It has a midsole drop of 12 mm.

Another option is the Gel Foundation 12 from the Asics that is also for runners with over pronated to a severe pronated foot. It is constructed for durability and the stability of the runner needing an extra push. For balancing your running style, it has a Guidance Line®, comes with the Trusstic System® and uses Speva Midsole Material®. It weighs 10.2 oz. for women and 12.2 oz. for men. It has a midsole drop of 12 mm.

For the last option, we have the Dyad 8 from the Brooks that comes with a unique fit and with an adjustable saddle that is paired with the BioMoGo DNA Midsole, which will help the runner go further because of its cushioning. It might be a heavy pair of shoes, but it has an Omega Flex Grooves for your flexibility.It weighs 10.5 oz. for women and 12.6 oz. for men. It has a midsole drop of 10 mm.

Given are the list of the best running shoes for wide feet review. Hope that the brief review given will help you to sort things out and guide you in buying your running shoes.

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