Five of the best places in Ho Chi Minh city

Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) boasts of a natural, raw beauty that attracts a huge number of tourists around the world. Its attractions are truly fascinating that tourists, regardless of age, keep coming back to see more. A travel to Ho Chi Minh is paralleled to being part of an old movie or travelling to the past, and be surrounded by places that have been well-known. Since Ho Chi Minh is the biggest city and business capital of Vietnam, the place is witnessing various changes and modernization so today is the best time to be in awe of its natural beauty before its innocence become influenced by the changing times. So, here is our guide to the Top 5 Best places in Ho Chi Minh that will make your stay worth it.

1.War Remnants Museum The War Remnants Museum, Formerly the Museum of Chinese and American War Crime, is located at 28 Vo Van Tan, in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This was first opened on September 4, 1975 as the Exhibition House for US and Puppet Crimes.

Today, it is one of the most famous museums in Vietnam. This museum meaningfully tells the story of the effects of the thirty-year war between the American and North Vietnamese armies. In this museum, you will find photographs, exhibits, preserved tanks, planes, war machines, a lot of worth-reading materials about the war. It has several buildings that houses various themed rooms and showcases military equipment. Aside from the Vietnam War, this museum also presents information on the first Indochina War where the French colonialists were involved. Continue reading

What can you do in Europe with just two weeks?

Europe is said to be the most popular tourist destination in the whole world. This country has beautiful places which make it attractive. A lot of people wished to visit Europe just once. Europe has the best spots such as the Mediterranean Sea, which attracts the beach lovers, the historical Rome that contains thousands of histories, the fantastic Barcelona, which provides plenty of excellent restaurants that serves delightful dishes and the relatively less-trodden countries located in the Eastern section of Europe. These places are some of the main reasons why other people pays a visit in Europe. Europe always gives you excitement, beautiful and excellent experience. Two weeks’ vacation might be enough to enjoy the greatness of Europe. If you only got two weeks of holiday and you want to enjoy it with Europe, then this article is worth reading. I wrote down the most popular countries in Europe that you should pay a visit so that you can make a planner quickly.

The Paris, France which is known as the name in “City of Love” is the perfect to be your first stop. If you are travelling with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then don’t hesitate to visit this city. But even though you’re travelling alone, you won’t be disappointed because the greatness of the city will entertain you. If you’re worried where to spend the night in Paris, we highly recommend you to spend your night at Hotel Relais Christine as they are known that they have a luxurious service. When you’re already in Paris, don’t forget to visit Sacre Couer during dawn so you can witness the hazy morning views beyond the city.

As I’ve said, the Barcelona, Spain is a favorite city of tourists because of the restaurants built inside the city. Most restaurants serve delicious sea foods, so it is perfect for people that love seafood so much. Visitors from other countries like to visit Barcelona. Even though something is strange due to its buildings, this place gives you relax and comfort which you makes hard to proceed to your next stop. In spending your night, we highly recommend staying in a hotel that costs 2000 pension located in the center of the city. This hotel is perfect without breaking the bank, and since it is located in the heart of the city, you can wander around anytime you want. Another thing that makes Barcelona attractive, it has excellent beaches which impress beach lovers.

Before reaching Italy, France and Spain is ahead of your destination. There are a lot of tourist attractions and tourist spots than the tourist can lie over. One of the famous place in France that all people know is the Eiffel Tower; this tower is a sign of good technical and architectural structure during those times, and it represent the “Magic of Light”. Spain is a beautiful and diverse country, Millions of tourist decided to travel Spain for its finest destinations. Most people visit Barcelona because of the cosmopolitan atmosphere in streets and this city offer also the possibility of enjoying its beach resorts and water sports. Continue reading

Discover the Beauty of the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest or also known as the Amazon Jungle is a magnificent broad-leafed forest which is located at the centre Brazil. This deep forest covers 7 million square kilometres or 700,000,000 hectares. This rainforest contains a surprising value in the natural world regarding of the Oxygen that it produces, the Carbon Dioxide that it takes and the wide range of incredible plant and animal species which considers this place as home. Aside from that, this rainforest considered as the home of the most diverse and broad range species on the entire world.

However, the Amazon Rainforest isn’t an entirely popular tourist destination because of some reasons. This article provides some facts that explain why this place does aren’t famous to the travellers despite having a natural beauty.

First of all, this place has a perceived danger of the harmful human elements such as drug lords and killers, inside and outside of the rainforest. This jungle is not dangerous as some other foreigners believe. Formal tour groups of travelling companies are required to provide an excellent security and sufficient protection for their customers against any dangerous acts. The entire travelling guide that is spreading throughout on the internet lacks information regarding on this jungle which is the most common thing that travellers will try to find out. No matter how hard you try to find it in the internet search bar, it’s hard to cope up valuable information. Even travelling agencies don’t provide exact information about this place. And lastly, travellers or tourists are afraid of the animal species that they might encounter as they roamed around the jungle. Aside from that, they are also scared of contracting Malaria or known as Yellow Fever. However, there are vaccines and other medications that are available to help in protecting them from that particular illness and travelling agencies are already prepared on how to keep their customers against wild animals. Continue reading