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If you are a motorcycle rider, you will need to use a motorcycle helmet for your safety and protection. It is also a must for you to wear a motorcycle helmet because if you are on the road, the authority will question you without putting it on. When you are buying your motorcycle helmet, it is also good for you to be aware about the different types of motorcycle helmets available on the market. You will find a full face helmet, a modular helmet, an open face helmet, an off-road helmet and a dual-sport helmet. Whatever type of helmet you want to buy, it must depend on your purpose or how you would like to use this helmet.

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Different types of motorcycle-helmets

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Full-face motorcycle helmets usually covers the top, the back and the front of your head. With this type of helmet, it is also important to consider your riding position. Most sport riders using the full face helmet are often hunched over, so the chin bar is higher and the eye port is angled slightly to the top. A ventilation duct is also placed near the top drawing the air in a tuck position. These sporty helmets are also slippery against the wind with an aerodynamics that will prevent the helmet to be lifted at high speeds.

Modular or Flip-up helmets are the Optimus Prime type of helmet. Here, the chin bar flips up or removed. This type of helmet is more popular to those who loves adventure and sport touring riders and is great when it comes to versatility. It is not recommended to use this type of helmet in an open face position. This helmet is less safe than a full face because of the flip-up mechanism that weakens the helmet.

Open Face or ¾ Helmet is the most common type of helmet to cruisers and to those who are scooter riders. This type of helmet has a vintage that matches the stylish street-going type of motorcycles. The shells and padding of this helmet are the same with the full face motorcycle helmets. The open face helmets have less coverage. It doesn’t have a chin bar and face shield. It will just cover the top, the back and the sides of the head, but not covering your face. You can feel the air freely with this type of helmet, but the weather can be a problem when it is raining or when it is dusty.

Half Helmet or the Brain Bucket helmets are considered as the most minimal of the lids. This type of helmet will just cover your head that will start from the top of your forehead and half way back of your head. The half helmets are popular with the cruisers and to the vintage riders. The half helmets are also approved by the DOT.

Off-road or the Motocross Helmet are designed to minimize the weight and then to maximize the ventilation with angular chin bars. At a high speed, you might get annoyed by the wind noise and if you go too fast the sun peak will turn your head to a kite. For riding around the back woods, this helmet will be perfect. The off-road helmets do not have a built-in face shield, so it is advisable to use goggles, but has a sun peak to protect your eyes from the sun.

Dual-sport or the Crossover or ADV, the Hybrid or Enduro is falling under the combination of an off-road and a full face helmet. It has a sun peak and a perfect ventilation and designed with versatility. Its aerodynamic sun peak is designed to resist lifting, especially on the highway speed. It also has visors to flip if you would like to use goggles.

It is very important for a rider to find a motorcycle helmet that will suit and fit his needs. The type of motorcycle helmet is important because it is for your safety and protection. Whatever type of helmet you choose, do not just think about how much you will spend or how cool the helmet is if it will give you less protection. Always choose the quality of the motorcycle helmet and not just any brand that you can find in the market. Be wise and think twice before picking the right one for you. Refer by PickMyHelmet.com

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