Information about Modular Helmets

What is a modular helmet?

Modular helmet is quite new with regard to other kinds of motorcycle helmet counterparts in the marketplace because they offer special features, which other types of helmets do not have.

To exactly make a definition of the difference between modular helmets and some other kinds of helmets for motorcycles, firstly, we need to illustrate what other kinds of other helmets are in the marketplace.

There are full-face, off-road, open face ¾, bowl-shaped, and modular helmet. Find here if you want to study about this

Just like a full-face helmet, which offers motor bikers the most shielding available, a modular helmet also serves the person who loves the ¾ or bowl-shaped helmet, which offers more air supply.

Modular helmets’ beauty come from the fact that they do not restrict the motorbikers with only a common riding style, in fact, they provide various options. For motor bikers who need to personalize their gear and ride as much as their own style, modular helmet permits them to satisfy their ride a well as offer them the best protection.

Information about Modular Helmets


Is a modular helmet suitable for you?

Because you know the differences between the other types of motorcycle helmet products and the modular helmets, you need to make a decision whether a modular helmet is suitable for you.

Generally, modular helmets offer some different features in order to personalize to meet the need of an individual’s riding personality, however, they still have some disadvantages.

Motor bikers using modular helmets usually complain about their bulky feeling, and how these helmets do not offer much protection from noise. Moreover, an average modular helmet is much more costly than a traditional helmet because of the fact that it offers more whistles and bells.

In case, you are finding a helmet which enables you to decide how much of air intake that you want, or enjoy a more convenient time flipping the helmet face shield down and up, in the companion of the great amount of head shielding during your riding, then, a modular helmet will meet your need.

A happy rider is the one who feels convenient and comfortable with the helmet they wear as well as the great safety it offers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

As mentioned before, modular helmets offer the capacity to personalize your ride experience. In case you want to get some air intake and expose your face, you are able to do that.

On the other hand, if you want to have a full-face protection by closing only a modular piece, this modular helmet will also allow you to do so. To choose the best modular helmet, please find here.

In case, you want to have a more convenient time of taking off and putting on glasses after or before you are done with your ride, you can do that easily with some simple clicks from the locking system inside the modular helmets.

Some of the disadvantages as previously reported is the noise. There are some relations with this relatively new modular helmet that it has a little growth in air noise due to its having more seams than a common full-face helmet, which is enclosed completely.

Moreover, there are still some sizing problems with modular helmets because some designs are fit the skull’s perimeter, however, the portion of chin of these helmets are quite tight.

What make customers love to buy modular helmets are the appropriate fitness that these helmets allow, and the chance to consist of back-end adjustment as earbuds or the Bluetooth microphone of these products’s lifecycle.

Ways to recognize a Modular helmet

If you have come this far as well as you are asking yourself to buy or try out a new modular helmet, it is important for you to know ways to recognize a typical modular helmet. There are some details to know whether it is a common modular helmet or not.

Generally, a modular helmet is much bulkier than other common full-face helmets, it has an oval shape as well.

Via Canadas motorcycle

This will allow the motorbikers to have more chin portion for the helmet’s face shield which will snap and come down into place. Moreover, some types of modular helmets contain Bluetooth systems inside that offer ample space accompanied by a long oval size.

Along with a long oval shape, a modular helmet has a distinctive style. They often have lines woven in the engineering, which enhances the modular pieces to work collectively, and angular creases.

Those creases are notable because they not only add flair the modular helmet but also have some certain purposes.


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