Indoor Tuckaire Toddler Travel Bed

I’m a hands on mom and I am always concerned about my kids well being. When it comes to sleeping, I even know their sleeping pattern and habits. My toddler for example flip and flop when he sleeps and that has always been a worry of mine that he will fall of the bed or mattress making me a light sleeper. Just imagine what relief I felt the first time I saw The Shrunks Tuckaire indoor Kids travel bed.

This is the most viable answer for kids who wants to transition to a big bed. Perfect for travel, and sleep over.. The TuckaireTM patented design to keep the sheets from falling out of bed cause they are snugly tucked all around the inner mattress which is as big as a standard twin sized bed. One cool thing about this bed is that it is chemical free meaning it has no Lead , BPA and Phthalates making it safer for your little ones.

Indoor Tuckaire Toddler Travel Bed


If you look at this wonderful inflatable bed, it has a higher side that serves as a little railing that will keep your child safe at the center of the bed and will give him the security that he will not fall off the bed. It helps gives me peace of mind that my child will have a goodnight sleep.

The indoor tuckaire toddler travel bed fits all standard crib sized sheets because of its sheet tuck feature. This inflatable bed includes the powerful yet compact Jetaire Electric pump that can inflate this bed in 30 seconds or less. It also includes a convenient and durable carrying bag making it very portable and handy during travel. They also include a repair kit for small punctures.

Other features are:

  • It can carry the weight of up to 68 kilograms or 150 pounds
  • Approximate inflated size: 60 inches by 37 inches and thickness of 9 inches
  • Approximate deflated size: 16 inches by 7 inches and thickness of 7 inches
  • Perfect for 2 years old and above

You may use the Tuckaire indoor travel bed out too if you want. I did, it during one of our camping trips, just be sure to bring the repair kit cause the bottom of the indoor Tuckaire does not have a thicker extra bottom protection layer in contrast with the Outdoor Tuckaire bed.

Indoor Tuckaire Toddler Travel Bed


I also must confess that I use the Indoor Tuckaire travel bed for toddler during one of my visits with my relatives who has 5 kids. They were really happy with this bed cause they bounce on top of it all the time. I can say for sure that this bed is so durable cause it hold its shape pretty well at that time.

One good thing I love about this inflatable bed for my toddler is that you can really tuck sheet into the bed. If you want various designs of the sheet, you can check out The Shrunk website. My son have the Batman sheet and he loves it a lot

Another feature about the Tuckaire Indoor travel bed is that they provide you with its own air pump. You can inflate it in less than 30 second and deflate it in less than a minute. I personally love the convenience of not waiting too long for it to set up and to store back. They also give you a durable carry bag for easy transport and storage that I absolutely adore.

The storage bag is very durable and porteccts the bed well and it is handy for storing the bed when not in use which is a necessity for me since I only have a small storage room.

I absolutely adore the Tuckaire Indoor Toddler bed cause my little one sleeps well on it and I too have a good night sleep knowing that my child is tucked snugly and safely at the center of the bed. No more fear that she will fall off the bed in the middle of the night.

When it comes to comfort, this inflatable bed is really comfortable cause my little one sleeps really soundly in it and personally I think it is much better than the adult sized air mattress that me and my husband use. If I could make any recommendation to the company, I would strongly suggest them to make an adult size cause I will surely buy one to use for myself.

I would really recommend this for active parents like me who loves to travel with the family. This is a real lifesaver.

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