Hang Te Cho Waterfall- the Unique from the Name

Not being a really famous name in the world of tourism; however, Hang Te Cho waterfall (Háng Tề Chơ – Yen Bai) is an attractive destination for those who are passionate about the wild beauty of the land without much human influence.

Hang Te Cho (or Hang De Cho) is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Northwest, located in Lang Nhi, the most remote village of Lang Nhi Commune, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province. The road to Hang Te Cho is a combination of alternating soaking wet muddy rubble, boulders located cliff, protruding over the edge. This is where the dangers always threaten on every turn, every slope with about a wheel width. Therefore, we can understand why the falls of Hang Te Cho is still unspoiled and known by very few people.


The journey to conquer Hang Te Cho can be divided into 4 stages with increasing difficulty. The first stage start from Nghia Lo town to Phinh Ho commune with a length of about 10 km. the road to Phinh Ho is asphalted, so it is relatively easy to reach the place, along the roadsides, there are ancient tea plantations with sweeping views of the entire center of Tram Tau district in the distance.

The second stage is from Phinh Ho commune to Lang Nhi commune. From here, the first slope in the center of Phinh Ho commune signals a hard journey ahead. Overcoming this slope is synonymous with starting an off-road with continuous boulders, rubble stretching up to 7km to Lang Nhi commune. This journey requires great skill of the riders, the road is still large but is broken with many potholes along the road .

In return to the strenuous is beautiful natural scenery along the way, is the majestic mountains of the northwest in the front, are the rolling hills of green terraced fields. A scene which is too familiar appears when there is nothing but only the birds chirping and the sound of some motor vehicles going uphill, downhill.


After about an hour riding on the rocky road full of gravel and mud, you will get to Lang Nhi village. From here, you can see the image of Hang Te Cho which is like a tiny thread between heaven in the distance. This is also the starting point for the 3rd stage: from Lang Nhi to De Cho village, which is a particularly dangerous journey, where life is determined by alertness and accuracy of the riders when they have to face the coastal path with the width of only more than just a wheel.

This 10 km road is really tired with great pressure. Sometimes, the weight of gravity gather to the arms when riding on the steep slopes, or when they have to push the motorbikes through the steeps. And then after almost 2 hours wrestling with death bends, De Cho village, where owns Hang Te Cho waterfall, as well as the road where motorcyclists get off their vehicles, appears in front. Then, backpackers start their last stage in the journey by leaving the vehicles in the village to walk  down to the falls.

The entrance roads down to the waterfall  are narrow paths along the cliff, along the terraced fields. The emotions are increasingly herd when we get closer to the falls, when we gradually hear the echoes of the pouring water.

Every thing seems to burst when finally, we reach the foot of the waterfall, touch the legendary Hang Te Cho waterfall, and immerse in the cool waters pouring down from a height of 50 m. This waterfall is too majestic when the space inside the falls is full of steam, is a natural zone which perfectly intact like the left ancient primeval forest.

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