Guides in finding the best life jackets for fishing

When you go out and sail to catch fish, make sure that you are equipped with the right tools or equipment. You must also think about your safety by putting on a fishing life jacket. Neither fishing with your kayak or your pontoon boat, still safety matters most. Unexpected situations might occur and the water might not go your side. So, it would be best to be ready at all times.

Some people go out and start fishing without even considering their safety. They are not good examples. So, you better not do the same thing. You just want to have a good time, relax and enjoy fishing. That’s it. But, protecting yourself is highly recommended in your kind of activity.

You need a life jacket to avoid drowning accidents. And then, always think that it is required by law to have life jackets on board. It is also an advantage to put on a life jacket because it has pockets, so you can store important items there. Putting a life jacket on will surely boost your success in catching fish.

Factors to Consider when finding a life jacket


Versatile life jackets must be adjustable. It will be best to have belts, so that you can adjust it according to your size. Make sure that it is not too loose. You may tighten the adjustable belts of the life jacket for it to stay intact.

Certified and Approved by Coast Guards

Do not put on life jackets that are faulty. You will be safer when the life jacket is approved and certified by coat guards.

Size and Fitness

Life jackets for kayak fishing are manufactured for universal fitness. With such feature, anybody can use it. Small jackets measures from 28-32”, medium jacket measures 32-36” and large jacket measures 40-44”.

User’s Age

Who will use the life jacket for kayak fishing? It is better to get a life jacket that is just right for the age of the user because life jackets are tailored according to the weight and buoyancy.


This is the last thing that you may consider. Simply pick a certified life jacket that looks good on you.

Best kayak fishing life jacket Reviews

On top is the MTI wear Kayak Fishing Life Jacket. It is designed with universal size, buckle front closure, size adjustments, padded shoulders, adjustable straps, pockets, lash tab, retractor holder, D-rings and reflective trims.

Next is the Stohlquist Infant Floating Device. It is designed with vibrant nylon color, thick padding, grab loops, collar support, cradles, Denier Oxford liner, quick-release buckle, adjustable strap and hand washable. It is PFD II certified.

We also have the MTI Helios Inflatable PFD Life Jacket. It is designed with a lightweight material, inflatable, easy-inflate, inside pocket, reflective trims and inflation tube.

And then, we have the Extrasport Baja Men’s Type III PFD. It is designed with venting mesh, space-mesh pods, pockets, adjustable sides, adjustable shoulders, adjustable belt and thin lower back part. Women size is also available.

For the last option, we have the Stohlquist Toddler Floating Device. It is designed with expandable pockets, shell casing holder, front zip, adjustable straps and thin lower back part.

Those are the brief reviews for the best life jacket for your kayak fishing. Choosing a life jacket will always be simple and easy as far as safety is concerned. You just need to be smart and think about what is beneficial to you and your company. That is, if you go fishing with someone. But, if you go fishing alone, then it is more and highly advised for you to put on a life jacket.

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