Good light hiking shoes for wide feet

I am a hiking expert, everyone knows me as a hiking woman and I am so proud to know a lot about places to hike and what things to know and bring with you when hiking. Eventhough I reached this point, there was one point in my life that I was struggling on my gears most especially my foot wear.

best light hiking shoes for wide feet


I am pretty fashionable as well and wants to be always ahead in fashion, but sadly most hiking shoes are made for people with narrow feet which I am not blessed of. I have wide set feet and most of the hiking shoes that I adore because of style and color are not for me. That was a long time ago, fortunately nowadays there are many shoe manufacturers who made cute hiking shoes for people like me.

I used to hike for long distance since I was single, now that I have kids, I don’t hike as much as I used to but I still make it a point to hike for sometimes but not for long distance. So instead of using my heavy hiking shoes, I purchased light hiking shoes.

What are Light Hiking boots

These are hiking shoes that are lighter than average, perfect for people who just like to do a quick hike or not into heavy backpack hiking. These hiking shoes are extremely comfortable and is very easy to move around.

Things to Consider when fitting a hiking boot:

When you think of hiking, the first thing that comes to mind is walking for a distance with walking, climbing, jumping or standing for long periods. Bear in mind that without the proper foot wear you will develop discomfort at your foot and much worse, you might have blisters. The least thing you need when hiking is a painful feet cause the reason why you hike in the first place is to experience being with nature and enjoy its sights and sounds.

First thing you need to do is have the right fit. Rubbing of materials to your skin especially if you have sweaty feet will lead to pain or blisters. So proper sizing is important.

For people with wide feet, a boots is a must since they have wider toe box that gives your toes and feet breathing space and will also accommodate people with bunions or a little foot deformity. Just be sure that your boots will fit your foot snugly.

There are 3 things you need to look after when fitting your boots and these are the length, width and volume. Your feet should be able to have mobility especially your toes but still must have support, it should be diede nought for your feet not to be compressed together and to have more comfort, it should have enough breathing space.

There are 3 kinds of cuts for boots and these are the high cut boots, mid cut boots and low cut boots.

High cut boots are boots that gives great support especially for people with weak ankles. This kind of boots also prevents dirt from reaching your feet. This type of cut is preferred mostly by hikers who wants to go for rough terrain or on off the trail hike.

best light hiking shoes for wide feet


Mid-cut boots are boots that offers medium support in the ankle area as well as some form of debris protection while the low cut boot are those that are for people who are only for quick hikes and mild terrain. It is light but it does not provide ankle support and since it is low cut, some debris or dirts while hiking might go in your shoes.

For high cut boots, I recommend the Asolo Styner. It is great for people like me who has wide feet. It is sturdy yet really comfortable. What I like about this boots aside from being lighter than other high cut boots, is that it provides support to arches as well. It has decent support and gives great traction from debris and all terrains. For low cut boots, I can recommend the Keen hiking shoes. It is great for all kinds of terrain, provides great support and comfort. It also has toe protection and wide toe box for people with wide feet

Those are just 2 of the best light hiking shoes for wide feet that I have personally tested and used. There are many other brands but I will share them to you another time.

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