Discover the Beauty of the Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest or also known as the Amazon Jungle is a magnificent broad-leafed forest which is located at the centre Brazil. This deep forest covers 7 million square kilometres or 700,000,000 hectares. This rainforest contains a surprising value in the natural world regarding of the Oxygen that it produces, the Carbon Dioxide that it takes and the wide range of incredible plant and animal species which considers this place as home. Aside from that, this rainforest considered as the home of the most diverse and broad range species on the entire world.

However, the Amazon Rainforest isn’t an entirely popular tourist destination because of some reasons. This article provides some facts that explain why this place does aren’t famous to the travellers despite having a natural beauty.

First of all, this place has a perceived danger of the harmful human elements such as drug lords and killers, inside and outside of the rainforest. This jungle is not dangerous as some other foreigners believe. Formal tour groups of travelling companies are required to provide an excellent security and sufficient protection for their customers against any dangerous acts. The entire travelling guide that is spreading throughout on the internet lacks information regarding on this jungle which is the most common thing that travellers will try to find out. No matter how hard you try to find it in the internet search bar, it’s hard to cope up valuable information. Even travelling agencies don’t provide exact information about this place. And lastly, travellers or tourists are afraid of the animal species that they might encounter as they roamed around the jungle. Aside from that, they are also scared of contracting Malaria or known as Yellow Fever. However, there are vaccines and other medications that are available to help in protecting them from that particular illness and travelling agencies are already prepared on how to keep their customers against wild animals.

The Amazon Rainforest’s climate is typically a tropical weather with warm, humid conditions both day and night. The temperature in the evening is slightly cooler compared to the temperature of daytime. Most areas of this place are totally wet. Thus, there are times each year that this jungle experiences a drier season between the month of April and September. Travellers, I want you to inform that you should be ready and prepared to encounter this type of conditions so you can find a way how to keep yourself comfortable during your vacation.

The Amazon Rainforest’s fauna and flora are also known as the most appealing traits of this lovable attraction. This jungle contains for approximately 40,000 species of plant, 1,300 species of bird, 430 species of amphibian, 3,000 species of fish and 380 species of reptiles. Some of the most exciting creatures that can be seen in this jungle are jaguars, anacondas, vampire bat, wild piranha, cougar and different types of hairy spiders. These species are fascinating but rather frightening.

The best way to discover the beauty of Amazon Rainforest is riding a boat through its massive rivers. But first, you should hire a trained tour guide that is already familiar with the place. Whether you’re an individual traveller or travels together with larger groups, hiring a tour guide is a must for safety purposes. Travelling with boat allows you to cruise along the deep waters and witnessed other interesting stuff. This kind of trip can be done for only one day but still depends if you want a broad exploration.

Tourism might give adverse effects on any destination, but the fact is it can also help to improve the local communities of Amazon. Aside from that, it contributes to raise the awareness towards the importance of taking good care of the magnificent species that can be found in the jungle.

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