Different Kinds Of Softball Bats

Are you a fan of softball or are you just keen on the process of making a specific softball bat? What part does the material play in the process of a ball moving after beingheavily struck by a bat? Similar to cricket bats and field hockey sticks, or any other stick that can be easily found in the market such as bat or racket which is known to strike a ball, there are various kinds of softball bats, the materials used can somehow affect the performance of a player.

Different Kinds Of Softball Bats

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Up-to-day softball bats can be made fromalloy, wood, composite materials or even aluminium. Some kinds of bats primarily use a compilation of materials. Today, the softball player has a wide selection of various types of bats which are manufactured from diverse materials.

The best softball bats are known as being made either from the raw material such as bamboo, Maple and it can even be White Ash, sometimes composite woods. All of these materials are very durable and are able to support players strike a ball perfectly.

One-Piece versus Two-Piece

Softball bats have a tendency to follow a one-piece bat or a two-piece bat style. Most of the best softball bats are constructed from one piece of the material that is decided before on the grounds that they are believed to last longer, also less flexible than the two-piece bats. Big players somehow prefer the types of one-piece construction. A less versatile bat enables the hit ball to go much further comparing to a two-piece bat style.

To put it simply, less energy is generated when the ball is struck, which will be significantly absorbed by that bat. In the making of a two-piece one, the part of handling and body part of a bat are usually made independently and then fused together or in some cases, being bonded to one another. This enhances an inherent weak point for the bat when it comes to bonding point.

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The benefits of a two-piece bat are that it is much more flexible comparing to a one-piece counterpart. This generates a so-called trampoline effect which is what some batters want to have. It functions so much like a springboard, enables balls to go further.

Wooden bats versus Aluminium bats

Bats for softball usually not only used wood but also take advantage ofaluminium, in some cases aluminium alloy or composites. Bats using these materials will hit balls to go much further than the wooden bats.

These bats are also weather resistant while wooden bats are not. If a wooden bat gets wet, the wood will swell resulting in a destroyed bat. Aluminium bats are the second most utilised bat after wooden bats. They are light and have the ability to drive the ball farther than wooden bats.

Different Kinds Of Softball Bats

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This is supported partly by the mentioned trampoline effect which is achieved during striking a ball that usealuminium bats. The bat can bend slightly to the direction of inwards causing a ball to go with high speeds.

Most bats made from aluminium are mixed with many other metals in order to reduce the effect and contribute to the time using the bat. As mentioned above, aluminium is an extremely soft material, therefore, it is not able to last long comparing to an aluminium alloy one.

Composite materials

One final point to say about softball bats is that they are made from composite materials. These bats, in most cases, are mainly constructed offibreglass, graphite and carbon fibre. Layers of composite materials will be fused together by using resin.

100% composite bats have a tendency to improve more when they are being used. A two-piece bat made from analuminium alloy is usually manufactured from one composite handle with analuminium alloy part.This lead to a lighter weight than bats made from aluminium alloy one-piece.

The body or the barrel of thebat is made from one or sometimes many layers, walls can also be used. The more walls found in a bat, the stronger the mentioned trampoline effect will become. These bats are expected to be more long-lasting than single-walled bats.

There are many options in choosing best softball bats. However, it should be based on the requirements of players and also bat technique as well as astance.

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