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Review of the best bushcraft knife under 50 dollars

Reasons for choosing a cheap bushcraft knife

People have their own reasons why they go for a cheap buscraft knife. Every hunter knows that bushcraft knives are essential tools and it is very necessary to be tough because it will do various tasks, but there are hunters who prefer to buy a cheaper bushcraft knife. They go for the best bushcraft knife under 50 dollars because that is the amount that they can afford to buy at the moment. Even if these bushcraft knives are cheap, still, they have a good quality and strong enough to perform tasks, but of course you are not going to expect this knife to be very flexible. In other words, the tasks that the best bushcraft knife under 50 dollars can do is limited. The only disadvantage that I can see when people buy cheap bushcraft knives is that, they do not care too much about this knife if it will not last for a longer time because some of them just buy these cheap knives just for a temporary and short time use.

Best bushcraft knife under 50 dollars Review

Here is a list of the best bushcraft knife under 50 dollars. If this is the kind of bushcraft knife that you are looking for, then go and grab one from the market because they are all available and pretty sure that you can easily find them from your trusted shops.

best bushcraft knife under 50 dollars


On top is the Bushcraft Basic Knife from the Condor Tool & Knife. This bushcraft knife has an overall length of 8.5 inches or 215.9mm and 9.63 inches or 244.6mm. The blade length measures 5 inches or 127mm. The blade thickness measures 0.16 inches or 3mm. It is constructed with a 1075 steel material, an epoxy black powder coat of blade coating and the blade grinding has a Scandinavian Grind. The tang is full and it has a handle with a hardwood material construction. It has a brown leather sheath. You can grab this bushcraft knife from 38 to 42 USD. Other variations of this product are the Bushcraft Basic Knife with 4” and 2” Blade.

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