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Top best attractions in Northern Vietnam

The northern region of Vietnam is home to the country’s capital city and is also among the best places to enjoy the beautiful views of the country as well as get to know the hill tribes. Northern Vietnam has four distinct seasons including a chilly winter and a hot, wet summer.



The country’s capital offers quite a lot of modern amenities for travelers. Those who want to explore the history and culture of Vietnam may do so by checking out the various museums, temples, parks and wartime sites in the city. Travelers love exploring the tastes that Vietnamese cuisine has to offer and would sometimes sign up for cooking classes.

Ha Long Bay

The archipelago in Ha Long Bay is made up of a mixture of 1,969 habited and uninhabited islands. To get here, one may arrive by car, motorbike or bus from Haiphong or by bus or boat from Hanoi. Ha Long Bay is often listed as among the top natural wonders of the world and has also been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Good Tips in Buying the best diaper bag backpack on the marker

Buying the Best diaper bag backpack

Before you decide to buy your own and the best diaper bag backpack, you have to consider some points to remember. A diaper bag backpack is not just like any other backpacks that you may use when you are going to school or traveling for a weekend because with a diaper bag backpack, you have to make sure that everything your baby need is inside this backpack and that all of these items will fit inside without worrying that one of your baby stuff is missing or that you forgot to pack. You have to buy the best diaper bag backpack that will make you comfortable enough.

You have to make sure that your diaper bag backpack has big pockets, so that you can fit in every item that you need for your baby. You must also keep in mind that the pockets must be close to your shoulder straps, so that you can easily get the item, even when you are carrying your baby and the backpack on your back.

Buying the Best diaper bag backpack


It will also be good if your diaper bag backpack will have a pocket for your baby wipes. You are aware that your baby can always make himself messy, so this baby wipe pocket is very important, so that you can maintain the cleanliness of your baby.

Another thing to consider is the straps of the diaper bag backpack. Make sure that the straps are padded, so that you can avoid much pressure and pain in your back.

When you are going to buy your diaper bag backpack, you have to check the number of pockets inside and outside the backpack. The more pockets you have, then the more you can have an organized items.

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