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What and where to do in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

They said that the soul of a nation lies within its cities; people think of New York City when they hear of the United States of America and likewise the name of Paris, the City of Lights, appears instantly whenever the word “France” is uttered. Ho Chi Minh City is such renowned and synonymous to the history and existence of Vietnam and Her people. That’s why Viet Fun Travel’s going to guide visitors for a hell of a journey exploring and experiencing different things about the 3 main aspects of Ho Chi Minh City: history, culture and cuisine. View detail post top 12 things to do in Ho Chi Minh here.

This is a Ho Chi Minh city tour 1 day for you refer:

Rich history

Learn more about the history of the young city, from its discovery and foundation during the Southern Territorial Conquest by the Nguyen Dynasty, to its colonization by the French and its occupation by the Amerians. Tourists can visit the Independence Palace – the “White House” of the former Republic of Vietnam, to get an insight view into the life and work of the past presidents. Or the Museum of War Remnants if visitors want to learn more about the Vietnam War as it’s displayed vividly via pictures, documents, war vehicles and many more exhibits. Ben Nha Rong Harbor is also a very good place for touring since it’s the location where Ho Chi Minh embarked on his quest of liberation for Vietnam and Her people. Continue reading

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Hang Te Cho Waterfall- the Unique from the Name

Not being a really famous name in the world of tourism; however, Hang Te Cho waterfall (Háng Tề Chơ – Yen Bai) is an attractive destination for those who are passionate about the wild beauty of the land without much human influence.

Hang Te Cho (or Hang De Cho) is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Northwest, located in Lang Nhi, the most remote village of Lang Nhi Commune, Tram Tau district, Yen Bai province. The road to Hang Te Cho is a combination of alternating soaking wet muddy rubble, boulders located cliff, protruding over the edge. This is where the dangers always threaten on every turn, every slope with about a wheel width. Therefore, we can understand why the falls of Hang Te Cho is still unspoiled and known by very few people.


The journey to conquer Hang Te Cho can be divided into 4 stages with increasing difficulty. The first stage start from Nghia Lo town to Phinh Ho commune with a length of about 10 km. the road to Phinh Ho is asphalted, so it is relatively easy to reach the place, along the roadsides, there are ancient tea plantations with sweeping views of the entire center of Tram Tau district in the distance. Continue reading

A day travel in the Da Nang city

Every day, people keep on coming in and out of Vietnam to travel. There will always be a big increase in the number of travelers coming to Vietnam during the summer holidays and that is already expected. This is the best time for many tourists or backpackers to come and visit the country. This is not a big question because everybody knows that Vietnam is a beautiful country, full of tourist attractions, filled with fun and surprises. So, whoever is planning to come and visit Vietnam will surely feel much excitement.

There are so many beautiful places in Vietnam. Many tourist attractions are waiting for local and foreign visitors. The people of Vietnam will welcome you, whoever you are, as long as you have good intentions and you appreciate the beauty of their country. One of the beautiful and most visited places in Vietnam is the City of DaNang. If you were given a chance to spend at least a day in DaNang City, you might choose to come and visit the Ba Na Hills. There are lots of beautiful scenery in DaNang City, but with Ba Na Hills, your day will give you the best.

Top tour in Danang city

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Danang tour

The Ba Na Hills are on the Truong Son Mountain. It has a temperate climate. This forest is unspoiled that is why many travelers are enjoying the scenic views of the bays and the mountain range. Climbing the Ba Na Mountain is not a problem, anyway because of the availability of the cable car that will serve as your transportation from the bottom to the top of the mountain.

If you are set to come to the Ba Na Mountain with a tour guide, it will be good because your tour guide will surely share many things about DaNang City. If you are a travel company, they will pick you up from your hotel early in the morning. If you are going to leave your hotel around 7:30 in the morning, you will reach the cable car station in the Suoi Mo at around 9 in the morning. Continue reading