What and where to do in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2019

They said that the soul of a nation lies within its cities; people think of New York City when they hear of the United States of America and likewise the name of Paris, the City of Lights, appears instantly whenever the word “France” is uttered. Ho Chi Minh City is such renowned and synonymous to the history and existence of Vietnam and Her people. That’s why Viet Fun Travel’s going to guide visitors for a hell of a journey exploring and experiencing different things about the 3 main aspects of Ho Chi Minh City: history, culture and cuisine. View detail post top 12 things to do in Ho Chi Minh here.

This is a location travel tourist refer for you Ho Chi Minh city tour!

Rich history

Learn more about the history of the young city, from its discovery and foundation during the Southern Territorial Conquest by the Nguyen Dynasty, to its colonization by the French and its occupation by the Amerians. Tourists can visit the Independence Palace – the “White House” of the former Republic of Vietnam, to get an insight view into the life and work of the past presidents. Or the Museum of War Remnants if visitors want to learn more about the Vietnam War as it’s displayed vividly via pictures, documents, war vehicles and many more exhibits. Ben Nha Rong Harbor is also a very good place for touring since it’s the location where Ho Chi Minh embarked on his quest of liberation for Vietnam and Her people.

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Tips for a successful Bass Fishing Activity

Fishing brings lots of fun and excitement, especially if you like catching a particular type of fish. You do this for some purposes. For example, you are studying and you need to catch different species of fish. So, it would be fun to know information about various fishes in saltwater or in freshwater. It could also be that you belong to a group who just enjoys fishing for outdoor activities or sports.

Now, there are people who like catching bass. This fish comes in various species. You can find a black bass, such as the Choctaw, Guadalupe, largemouth, smallmouth and spotted. We also have a temperate bass, such as the European, striped and white. And then, the Asian bass, such as the Japanese and Blackfin. There are also other types of bass, such as the Australian, black or giant, Chilean, and butterfly peacock.

Tips for a successful Bass Fishing Activity

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Guides in finding the best life jackets for fishing

When you go out and sail to catch fish, make sure that you are equipped with the right tools or equipment. You must also think about your safety by putting on a fishing life jacket. Neither fishing with your kayak or your pontoon boat, still safety matters most. Unexpected situations might occur and the water might not go your side. So, it would be best to be ready at all times.

Some people go out and start fishing without even considering their safety. They are not good examples. So, you better not do the same thing. You just want to have a good time, relax and enjoy fishing. That’s it. But, protecting yourself is highly recommended in your kind of activity.

You need a life jacket to avoid drowning accidents. And then, always think that it is required by law to have life jackets on board. It is also an advantage to put on a life jacket because it has pockets, so you can store important items there. Putting a life jacket on will surely boost your success in catching fish. Continue reading

Why use delay pedal for guitar?

Do you have a family member, who loves playing the guitar? Or do you have friends, who plays the guitar in a band? Anyway, it does not matter where someone plays a guitar or for whom. What is really important is that when one plays his favorite musical instrument, he gives his best because he would like everybody to be happy with his performance.

Playing a guitar is a talent. It is true that everybody can learn to play it, but not all who plays it can passionately perform well. Actually, if playing a guitar is your passion, then pretty sure that you love what you are doing. You are going to hold on to this passion, until you reach your dream as a guitar player. It could have been better, if playing a guitar is as simple as that. But, you also need to buy accessories, such as delay pedals to help you have a better performance.

What’s a delay?

A delay is an added effect of someone’s performance while playing the guitar. What’s really nice with a best delay pedal is that you can set a time for this delay and then, you can also set the tempo for your song of choice. A delay is considered as an audio signal or an effect that allows you to play repetitively. Through this effect, you can come up with a more creative sound.

Do you know that as early as the 1940s, delays are already used? That is, through the help of tape loops. But, during the 1970s, analog effect units were already introduced. It was in 1984, when digital effect pedals were used. And then, during the 20th century, audio software plugins were already developed. Continue reading

A beginner’s guide in finding a Golf Iron

Playing golf needs a lot of hard work and preparation. If possible, you must have the necessary equipment in playing this sport. With a set of golf equipment to use, then a beginner will surely learn faster and excel in the game.

You might find it expensive to have a complete set of equipment to use for playing your newly found hobby and sport, but as a beginner, you can always choose a cheaper set with a good quality. Time will fly and soon, you can buy a more expensive golf set for a professional and advance player.

A beginner’s guide in finding a Golf Iron

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Various kinds of Golf Irons

There are things that you need to use when playing golf. You must have a set of golf club with golf drivers and a golf push cart to carry your golf clubs. When it comes to golf clubs, one thing that you must know is the Golf Iron, which is made of various materials. Here are the various best golf irons ever for beginners.

The Forged Iron or also called as blades are made of steel.

The Cast Iron is made of liquid metal.

The Blade Iron is designed specifically for golf experts.

The Cavity-Back Iron has a cavity that you can find on the back of the head for improving forgiveness.

The best golf irons ever for beginners will depend on what you need and how far you have become in your chosen sport. Continue reading

Good light hiking shoes for wide feet

I am a hiking expert, everyone knows me as a hiking woman and I am so proud to know a lot about places to hike and what things to know and bring with you when hiking. Eventhough I reached this point, there was one point in my life that I was struggling on my gears most especially my foot wear.

best light hiking shoes for wide feet

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I am pretty fashionable as well and wants to be always ahead in fashion, but sadly most hiking shoes are made for people with narrow feet which I am not blessed of. I have wide set feet and most of the hiking shoes that I adore because of style and color are not for me. That was a long time ago, fortunately nowadays there are many shoe manufacturers who made cute hiking shoes for people like me.

I used to hike for long distance since I was single, now that I have kids, I don’t hike as much as I used to but I still make it a point to hike for sometimes but not for long distance. So instead of using my heavy hiking shoes, I purchased light hiking shoes.

What are Light Hiking boots

These are hiking shoes that are lighter than average, perfect for people who just like to do a quick hike or not into heavy backpack hiking. These hiking shoes are extremely comfortable and is very easy to move around.

Things to Consider when fitting a hiking boot:

When you think of hiking, the first thing that comes to mind is walking for a distance with walking, climbing, jumping or standing for long periods. Bear in mind that without the proper foot wear you will develop discomfort at your foot and much worse, you might have blisters. The least thing you need when hiking is a painful feet cause the reason why you hike in the first place is to experience being with nature and enjoy its sights and sounds.

First thing you need to do is have the right fit. Rubbing of materials to your skin especially if you have sweaty feet will lead to pain or blisters. So proper sizing is important.

For people with wide feet, a boots is a must since they have wider toe box that gives your toes and feet breathing space and will also accommodate people with bunions or a little foot deformity. Just be sure that your boots will fit your foot snugly. Continue reading

Top best attractions in Northern Vietnam

The northern region of Vietnam is home to the country’s capital city and is also among the best places to enjoy the beautiful views of the country as well as get to know the hill tribes. Northern Vietnam has four distinct seasons including a chilly winter and a hot, wet summer.



The country’s capital offers quite a lot of modern amenities for travelers. Those who want to explore the history and culture of Vietnam may do so by checking out the various museums, temples, parks and wartime sites in the city. Travelers love exploring the tastes that Vietnamese cuisine has to offer and would sometimes sign up for cooking classes.

Ha Long Bay

The archipelago in Ha Long Bay is made up of a mixture of 1,969 habited and uninhabited islands. To get here, one may arrive by car, motorbike or bus from Haiphong or by bus or boat from Hanoi. Ha Long Bay is often listed as among the top natural wonders of the world and has also been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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